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01/05/2017 Incredible Chain Reaction

It’s been about a year since I wrote an article last time!

Sorry that I was not able to update the page for so long. As I declared at the beginning of 2016, I was able to deliver a big new output in 3Q 2016... Continue 

01/09/2016 A Book Titled "Move Into Forests To Protect Water"

I don’t know when the last time that I read a book with so much concentration and finished reading in two days in a row.

The title of the book is “Move Into Forests To Protect Water” written by Takeshi Yamada. Continue

12/31/2015 The key is small efforts everyday

What a long time that I did not feel like writing an article!

I should start writing about the reasons.  Continue

05/31/2015 Challenges Continue

Sorry that I was not able to update my blog for so long.

You might think that I moved up a step and now I am able to take a bit of rest.

Actually not.  Continue

12/31/2014 Flu at the end of 2014

Right after the lesson of Sho on 26th, in a subway, I suffered terrible coldness on the way home.  Later, I felt quite feverish and, in the following day, I was diagnosed as Flu Type A.  In other words, my holidays didn’t go as planned.  Continue

12/12/2014 Reflecting Myself at the End of the Year

When a company creates a business plan for the next fiscal year based on mid- to long-term goal, it reviews its performance at first and summarizes what’s worked and not worked in order to find issues or areas of improvement.  Continue

11/29/2014 The New Challenge

“I don’t think staying in the same function or group this long would not give me much anymore and I don’t add much more values to the organization.”

In last summer, when I was about to enter in the eighth year after I joined the team, I happened to find vacant positions in our global job-posting system.  The first two was not quite suitable for my past experience but the third one... Continue

10/03/2014 What is Happiness?

We usually follow routines at work or school every day without having any problems: simply we take everything for granted and do not offer gratitude for living an ordinary life.

What about the people who fall victim to natural disasters?...Continue

09/28/2014 Diversity

The other day, I attended an international symposium titled “Women’s Power as the Source of Growth” hosted by the Government of Japan, Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), Nikkei Inc., and the Japan Institute of International Affairs.

The selection of the speakers is quite impressive:  Shizo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan; Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, IMF; ...Continue

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