Hiromi Koizumi's Blog Has Opened

On September 11, 2012, I met Prof. Yoko Ishikura of Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University for the first time in years.  I met her several times in the past at the alumni gathering of UVA Darden School of Business but we only exchanged a few greetings there.  However, I was able to have lunch, (regardless of her busy schedule!!) on 9/11 and to ask her for an advice on what I should do immediately to get out of the stagnant condition that I had been suffering for quite some time.  Her advice was clear-cut:

Do it now!

I used to have millions of excuses saying it’s not just the right time but not now.  I made up my mind to start opening my own blog immediately to express and make a brand of myself.

Here I am!

I congratulated myself for this small start tonight.

I am ready to transmit information toward the rest of the world!

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