Marketing Yourself

What does it mean by marketing yourself?

I believe it is to let your boss, friends, or interviewers for a job to know about your strong points and to utilize your ability for adding value to a company and for the betterment of society.


When typical humble Japanese people hear about things like, “to let other people know about your strong and good points”, they would say, “other people would naturally know about you by looking at your serious and quiet working attitudes,” or “those who communicate their strong/good points tend not to have strong or good points.”  In other words, many Japanese would have negative impressions about communicating your good and strong points.  However, marketing is not something that you show off your authority or the knowledge of wine.  Instead, it is to simply communicate truth about yourself or to communicate who you are and what you can do through the facts.


It is especially important for anyone who is trying to get a job, to get transferred to another department in your company or to change to a new career to analyze what you can do on top of what you would like to do.


Now, I myself didn’t often think about what I was because I’d been too busy working on various assignments and projects.  I wonder many of you might be in the same situation.


I suggest for those who are too busy to think about yourself or your future step back and think about what you can do and what you have been doing.


One of the 4Ps of marketing is “Product.”  Each one of us is, in a way, a product and, being a product, one can start from thinking how “it” can contribute to its company or community and get financial reward.

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