Analyze Yourself

It is sometimes quite difficult to think about what I can do.  “I’ve been doing lots of things but those things can be done by somebody else as well.  What would be the THING that I can do especially?”  Many of you might think this way.


One way of starting to analyze yourself is to think about things that you have been doing or did in the past and the reasons why you did these.


For example, first, you put these things in bullet points chronologically:

PjWhen I was at university in 1995, I belonged to a baseball club and played a catcher/a leader of the team because I knew each players strong points.

QjWhen I joined the current company in 2000, I proactively participated in preparing for a quarterly exhibition for customers as I was good at thinking about how customers will move around the venue.   

RjIn 2003, I joined a project to establish a new subsidiary in Nagoya as I thought the project gave me a challenge to see the future of the company

SjIn 2008, I streamlined a complicated operation process as I thought the process was totally inefficient.


Please try to write it in detail with why and how you did it.  By doing this, you also can write your resume and prepare for an interview. 


If you are a student, please follow the same way and write down your hobbies, club activities at school, a part time job and so on.


I suggest take your time and write down a lot.  After a while, check the contents and organize these with the reasons or types of events.  Then you’ll gradually see who you are and what you want.  When you write down the bullet points, keep asking yourself why?  It is not good to think in such a way that “this is not decided by myself.  My parents told me to do so,” or “My boss assigned to me in that position.”  Try to think about “how” you did it and why.


“I never thought about the reasons.  I just did it naturally”, there must be some people like this.  Then why do you think you did it naturally?


Now, it is also important to think about, “what would you become like in the next ten years?” and “In order to become such person, what would you need to do in the next few years?”  This will help you think about what you need to do now.

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