Positioning of Products and Services

What products or services do you provide?

When you launched your products or services for the first time, what did you think about? You would answer, “I thought I would like to buy a product like this or to receive a service like this.”  That means, you were not satisfied with the products or services available around you.  Or in some other cases, “as my services or products are different from others, once people know about them, they will come and buy what I offer”, “my shop is located inside a big shopping mall so that many people will come and buy”, or “as the quality of my products are quite high, they would pay premium for the quality.”  There many different reasons that you opened up your shops or companies in this way.


Now, let’s step back a while and think about the time when you started your business and what you thought about your products and services.

PjTo whom did you want your products and services to be sold? (Who is your target?)

QjDoes your target really need your products and service?  If so, why?

RjIs the name of the product easy to understand for your target?  Do you think they like the name?

SjDoes the target like the package shape, size and design? Do you think they like it?


By writing down these things, the positioning of your goods and services become clearer. It is also important to find out its positioning compared to the ones of your competitors by plotting characteristics of yours and others in quadrants.  Sometimes it is better to listen to your friends and family’s opinion when deciding x- and y-axis and plotting them as it would provide different and important perspectives.  When you find out the differences between your products/services and others, you might want to communicate to your target about the difference to catch their attentions.


Then how would your company maintain its revenue growth through your products/services?  How would you analyze the positioning of your company?  I would like to write about this later.

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