Innovation and Growth

I have just noticed that I haven’t talked about how the title of my blog has been decided. This is related to the reason that I opened this blog.


There is a Japanese book called The Period of Curation by a journalist Mr. Toshinao Sasaki (Chikuma Shinsho Publishing Co.).  This book was recommended by Prof. Yoko Ishikura of Graduate School of Media Design at Keio University.  By reading this book, I felt like shocked by a wake-up call as I had been in a closed world only looking at FMCG related information for a long time.

There is writing in p.250 of the book as below: 


“In order to live in this self-complete environment which constantly creates a brand new condition that we are unable to make a stipulation with our semantics, we have to continually use the “feed-forward” process by trying to find or create a new rule.  To do this, we should keep our Border for Completion deep in low to make our inner selves in an incomplete and unstable condition.  This unstable self situation will become one of the required conditions, together with the activities for creating a new Border, to achieve a new idea creation. (from the previously written book).

-       Translation by Hiromi Koizumi


Feed-forward means to foresee the future and change yourself in accordance with the forecast.  Together with the feedback process (I believe this means to achieve target by the PDCA process and to create a higher target based on the results), it will enable us to constantly growth and survive in this difficult time. 


I would like to keep growing while I am living in this world by, “not satisfying with the current condition but keep filling the gaps between the constantly evolving targets and yourself through continuous efforts in studying new things.”   


In short, the reason that I opened my blog was to push myself to keep moving forward and the reason of the title “Innovation and Growth” was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

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