Participated in a program of Global Entrepreneurship WeekiGEWj

In the evening of Nov. 13, I participated in one of the programs of GEW, called Entrepreneur Mentoring Initiatives.  Young entrepreneurs, both Japanese and non-Japanese in Japan, who want to expand the business here presented their business plans within four minutes and the selected judges assessed their presentations for a winning award. 


As I could only attend the first hour of the program and I was not able to see the result of this competition, I don’t know whose idea won the prize but I enjoyed listening to presentations. 


A pamphlet titled “Revitalizing Corporate Japan – A prescription for Growth“ was distributed to participants written by PwC Japan(I guess it’s one of the sponsors of the event).  As a prescription for Growth, it mentions, “Corporations need to embrace rapid transformational change with attitudes of boldness, risk-taking, velocity, flexibility and adoptability.”  And then, it also explains about four global realities and strategic priorities as below:    

Four Global Realities

PjThe arrival of Asia

QjIncreasing business complexity

RjNew models of innovation

SjAgeing economic metabolism

Strategic Priorities

PjTransform the organization

QjAdapt innovation

RjGrow your leadership pipeline

SjFocus your growth strategy


I totally agree that Japan has to drastically change to get revitalized economically but there are three points that I was not sure if I could agree.  One is to shift our focal points to Asia and to fade away from domestic business expansion.  The second point is that it mentions about velocity of innovation and change but, regarding to what has to be done immediately, it only mentioned ambiguously about “adapt innovation,” and “open organizational structure”: these require some time to see the result and the result would not be easy to get measured.  The third one is that it suggests indirect and direct investment and business alliance to take an advantage of the appreciation of the Japanese yen. 


Unfortunately, the report did not provide me an idea that leads a good solution for Japan’s revitalization.  As I mentioned on 11/5, I have a strong concerns about too-much economic dependency in other countries.

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