Branding of Japanese Rice Wine (Sake) (1)

The Japanese sake that I was going to introduce overseas was one of the famous and traditional sake of Hokuriku Area.  As there were so many things that I didn’t know about, I decided to “meet people to gather information as much as possible” after checking basic things such as what is sake and how to make sake.


In order to know the sake brewer in terms of its history, product line-ups and others, I flew to Hokuriku Area.  To my surprise, on the airplane, I was able to watch a video to introduce Japanese sake!  As the duration of the flight was less than 1 hour, I concentrated to watch the video and to take notes of who was the liquor shop manager, their line-ups, and restaurants where served these sake from the liquor shop by forgetting a cup of coffee served by a flight attendant. 


On that night at a hotel, I used the PC at the lobby and searched the items that I took note of and tried to find a way of meeting the person on the video.I don’t remember how I found and how long it took me to find but I finally came across an event of “Mariage of French cuisine and Japanese rice wine.”  The event was held at Augout-du-jour  (Japanese Only) in Ichigaya, Tokyo and it was sponsored by Hasegawa Sake Store (Japanese only).


When we hear the word “French cuisine”, we often think of grape wine to drink with.  Therefore, I raised so many questions like, “why Japanese sake for French cuisine?”, “isn’t Japanese sake only for Japanese food?”, “If it really fit to French cuisine, what kind of Japanese sake will fit to it?” and so on.  I remember that I got quite curious about the event.


On the day of the event, a fateful encounter was there at Augout-du-jour!  I was finally able to meet Mr. Hasegawa of Hasegawa Sake Store and Mr. Kuheiji Kuno of Banjo Brewery who made one of his sake called “Eau de Desir”(Japanese only) debut at three-star restaurant in Paris, France.  Also, I heard that Mr. Hasegawa and other sake brewers including Mr. Kuheiji Kuno to come and participate in the reception of Kuheiji at a famous hotel in Paris.  I immediately made up my mind to go to Paris and, within three days, booked a flight to Paris and a hotel, as I believed this IS the great investment for myself.  Of course, I did not charge the costs to my client.  I was a bit concerned about how I manage the project but, by that time, I was quite excited about it for creating innovative ideas for the traditional Japanese sake.

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