Branding of Japanese Rice Wine (Sake) (2)

I was able to confirm, after I visited Paris and saw a wine list of a tree-star restaurant, that the market of Japanese rice wine could be expanded when its value is clearly communicated and the taste is checked with food.  Also, I found out that a type of sake that goes well with western food is Ginjo and Dai Ginjo.  So, the next step was to decide, 1) Positioning, 2) Target countries, and 3) Target Year of gaining popularity.  The answer I came up with was:

‚Pj          Daiginjo as a premium wine

- Therefore, the channel was local high-end restaurants

‚Qj       English Speaking Countries

- U.S.A, Australia, U.K. where I don’t have any language problems

‚Rj       Three years for branding

- No price discount for short-term revenue


At that time, too much Japanese sake including the ones with low quality introduced in U.S.A and some comparatively good ones were already introduced at famous restaurants, I excluded U.S.A. from the target.  As for U.K., there seems to be less opportunity there as even grape wine was not well-accepted by ordinary people: their consumption of beer was (and I believe still is) far much bigger than wine compared to other western countries.    However, Australians were flexible in taste perhaps due to lots of immigrants from Asia and they eat Modern Australian Cuisine that include good tastes of different ethnic groups such as Asian and Europeans. 

In addition, there was not much good-quality Japanese sake imported from Japan yet.  This was a very good condition for branding my client’s sake.  Fortunately, as the client, the Japanese sake maker, had an affiliate company to export Australian wine to Japan, they were also able to support us. 


As I decided the target country as Australia, the next step was to find a high-end modern Australian restaurant for collaboration in branding the sake, one of the best Daiginjyos from the client.  In terms of costs and my health, it was not a good way to visit and eat as much modern Australian cuisine as possible, but it was the best and the only way for my Japanese tongue to find out which restaurant was suitable in serving it. 


As I could not have enough time to go and visit Australia due to other project works, I decided to fly to Sydney during the new-year holidays, of course, with my husband.  For him, it was a pure holiday there.  Luckily, we were able to participate in the “Count-Down” event in Sydney by looking at the Opera House and fireworks

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