Turning Point

Since I started to work for this foreign-capitol FMCG Company in Tokyo upon gaining a MBA degree, it’s been already more than 20 years.  During the period, I had various experiences such as being transferred to Marketing/Sales from Finance, working outside Japan, running my own company for three years away from the FMCG Company, and having lost my health.  The worst thing was to lose my health both physically and mentally.  I could only improve a way of spending daily life until the condition got better.


Given such a condition, as for my career, all I could do was to maintain the situation as is.  In general, once one entered a stage of defense, he/she tends to get weaker as there’s no one else who manage to get a point except for him/herself.  Without exception, I became not sure if I could “defend” and started to worry about my future.  In other words, as I could not deliver a significant result to contribute to the company, I started to concern about getting laid off.  However, the best I could deliver was to minimize the days of sick leave and deliver what was necessary to deliver.  I wanted to get out of this cycle but could not move forward for a long time.


Furthermore, there were a big change of the corporate pension plan and a few senior members’ voluntary retirement due to a “single-hooked early retirement suggestion” by HR (HR to contact one by one to suggest for voluntary retirement) and these made me even more worried about my future with the company.  Especially in last year, I became 50 year old and I realized that I came to an age of turning point.  I finally made up my mind before 50-year old birthday:

“Think about my life once again.  It’s not good at all to stay in this stagnant condition.  I will transform my life as if I start a new one again.”


After the decision, I started to consider about the three points below:

1)    How do I want to live in the rest of my life?

2)    What do I want to achieve in the next ten years?

3)    Until when do I want to work?


If there some readers of this blog who started to find a job after graduating university or high-school, these three points will be also important for you to ask yourself (it does not matter if you are male or female).  Please be encouraged to do so.  If there are some other people who experienced similar things as I mentioned above, it’s not too late to think about them as well.  Why?  It’s because you can become proactive and forward-looking again.  You’ll find out many things that you would like to do once you can answer these questions


Now, I will stray away from a main point a bit but I believe the life of human being does not finish after death (I know this because I have a bit of spiritual power to experience this).  Our soul will be transferred to a world after death and continue to get trained to be united with the great power of the universe at last (it’ like one scene of a manga “Firebird” by Mr. Osamu Tezuka). 

If you spend a lazy life in this world, you will suffer in the world after death! : )

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