What Life Do I Want To Live?

When one is asked, “What life do you want to live?” I’m sure he or she would answer, “I want to live a happy life.” My answer is the same.  Then, what is this “happy life”?  Looking back my life in the past 50 years, I could summarize what happy is in the following three points:

1)    Mental and Physical Health

2)    Peacefulness

3)    Economic Independence 

Needless to say, unless we are healthy, we cannot achieve both 2) and 3).  When I worked as a sales representative, I lived a lifestyle of excess in order to get a short-term success.  It was OK for me until the age of thirty two or three but later, of course, my body started to scream for help.  Once this happened, I became discouraged, especially, with pains and breathing problem and it took a long time to get recovered.  I even started to question the modern medicine that only stopped the pains and problems for short-term without getting rid of the cause of the symptoms.  Now, after spending close to ten years with modern medicine, I completely switched to transform my body through herbal medicine and macrobiotic food. 


The peacefulness of 2) means that I can spend days peacefully without any conflicts.  Whenever my families, in-laws, other relatives and even colleague and boss in the office have problems, I cannot spend a quality and productive time for anything.  Also, I became a bit too aggressive and I tend to be negative about what others do and say.  Nothing good would ever come out of conflicts.  I believe it is very important to keep your mental condition peaceful even if someone tries to give me a problem or hard time.  If I, reacting the negative vibration, generate an attacking vibration, the counterpart will become even worse and show more negative attitude.  Therefore, I would like to be peaceful and considerate as much as possible to maintain this platform of my life.


Now, moving on to the third point, I would like to control economic (monetary) condition by myself.  If I am lucky enough to get rich, that would be ideal but what I want is to earn money to maintain the current quality of apartment, clothes, and food with some hobbies.  Am I requesting too much?


Straying away again from the main topic, I would like to mention about my parents’ generation:  they lived in the period that letting working women (or their wives) means that men (or husbands) are not independent (=not qualified as adult men).  What about now?  To keep a stable household, women also need to work even as a part-time worker because they worry about their husbands might get laid off suddenly.  Furthermore, parents still would like to send their children to a good school.  Do they still depend on the “children allowance” by the government (too little to pay for tuitions, though) through our tax payers’ money?  What about after retirement?  Is the pension fund enough live in a good life after retirement?  Do you expect your children to take care of yourselves (this is typical in Asian society)? 

I seriously would like to be economically independent to protect my quality life.  In order to maintain the platform, I will make every effort for the rest of my life.     

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