Until When I'd Like To Work

After fixing the platforms of my life, I had to ask myself through what actions I’d like to maintain the “happy” life.  As for the physical and mental health, I keep the special diet with vegetables, fish, and brown rice and 13000 walking steps per day.  Hobbies like Flamenco Dance (once a week), muscle training (once a week) and horse-riding (twice a month) would also good for both mental and physical health.  Also, thinking about risks of losing muscle power in the next thirty years, I decided to learn how to sing a flamenco song (cante) two years ago as I believe that voice training would be also good for both physical and mental health (and also to avoid dementia!).


In order to keep the peacefulness in mind, I believe the best way would be grateful to anything that you experience.  I used to often suffer an asthma attack which made me difficult to breathe enough oxygen to live an ordinary life:  I could not have enough oxygen to move the chopsticks for eating or to catch up  enough breath after eating even a small portion of food.  After going to a toilet, it took me 7~8 min. to recover from terrible breathing problems.  I could not even lie down to sleep as I could hardly breathe but had to sit on a chair all night to breath properly by discharging phlegm.  I never forgot to have my mobile phone with me in order to call ambulance whenever necessary.  I wished several times that I’d rather die if this condition would continue even a single minute.  After recovering from such conditions, I became grateful on anything ordinary from the bottom of my heart such as breathing, sleeping, eating, and even peacefully waking up in the morning.


From a different point of view, in order to maintain the peacefulness in mind, I try to listen to what other people say about me in such a way that “this is something that God (or Budda) asking the person to do for me so that I could learn from it.  I will be able to learn from what he/she says.”  Then, I don’t get angry.  Instead, I try to find how I change myself in order not to hear the same words again.  One more thing that is very important in a daily life is to be considerate to others.  Regardless of where I am either in or outside the office, I try to talk to a person if the person seems to be in trouble.  In the office, a new comer tend to be the case and I always try to say, “How is your life in this company?” to start a conversation.  Outside the office, when I find senior people having troubles, I try to help them.  One day, I happened to hold an old lady who almost fell on the escalator.  I kept talking to her until she recover consciousness.  When such a thing happens, usually one does not think about something in return.  It is not give and take but “give and give.” I always feel like thinking about others as if they are you and taking care of them will give you the same vibration back.  Even if I don’t get any good vibration back, I believe that I am “accumulating good deeds in the storehouse in the heaven.”  As I believe in the life after death, it does not matter if I get something out from the consideration right away but it does matter that the Creator in the sky watches me all the time.  If I am not ashamed of myself under the Creator God’s observation, I am able to feel peaceful.        


Difficult to achieve, though, is the economic independence.  Until when do I have to earn money for living a quality life?  Or until when do I want to work?  To answer this question, I had to answer another question first, “How long will I live?”  According to a survey in 2011, the average life expectancy of Japanese male was 79.44 year old and the one for Japanese female was 85.90 year old.  Then, as I am a woman, I might die at the age of 86?  No, no, this cannot be right.  The 86 year old is the “average.”  This means there are many who live longer than 86 but also many who die earlier than 86.  It’s Ok if I die earlier as I still can live a quality life with enough money.  Therefore, considering a risk of no quality life after 86 year old, I decided to forecast that I live longer than 86.  Then by when would I live???


I heard that there is a 115 year-old Japanese man in Japan who is the oldest in the world according to the Guinness Book.  I don’t think I would live that long but I might live until around 100 year old.  According to an article dated September 14, 2012 by Nikkei Newspaper, the population equal to and above 100 year old is more than 50,000.  It would be possible the population to be increased due to a new development of modern medicine and improved welfare.  If I would live that long, I would like to earn money as long as possible to maintain the quality of my life because I found that my pension fund would only last for ten to twenty years after retirement.  In order to work and earn money for the quality of my life, I have to create a stable career plan. 

One thing that I was really glad after knowing the possibility of living until 100 year old was that I was only half way through my life!  At the time of turning point, I found a lot of thing that I would like to do and achieve.  I still have a long time to do many things! 

Now, how long do I want to work for money assuming a steady mental and physical health?  My parents, who have already retired, live healthily close to 80 year old.  Also, Mr. Shintaro Ishihara, used to be Tokyo Governor, challenged to get involved in national politics with the age exceeding 80.  Following them, I decide to work until 80 years old. 


For those who are looking for a job, I would like to say that we have plenty of time for achieving our goals.  Just go for it!

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