A Path To The Short-Term Goal

The long term goal of working until 80 year old was set up.  However, action plans for how I live for the next ten years were still vague.  To be honest, I was not sure what to do with the next ten years.  One option that I thought of was to gain DBA and to get involved in the academic field.  Although I had experiences in giving a special lecture at a MBA class of Waseda Univ. and Temple Univ. Japan, I would be more than 60 years old, though, until I would be accepted as an academic professional in one area of Business.  Regardless of what I would like to do, this option does not bring a stable income.  What about changing a job?  What could I do to add values to the new job?”  I had been managing many different types of projects and jobs in the past but what is it in one word?  I started to write down whatever I did in the past chronologically and updated my resume.  After updated it roughly, I confirmed that my area of profession could be said as Marketing.  Of course I ran a business by myself for a short time but I did not think that I had enough experience for adding value for running a business.  One small concern I had for me to claim that I am Marketing Professional was that I had no experience in Mass Marketing with huge Marketing investment more than a million dollars.  Thinking about it for a few moments, I concluded the mass marketing was only for a big company like P&G or Coca-Cola and they don’t need any outside support for Marketing anyway.  Also, I believe that we are now in the period of “individual” marketing for consumption for “an individual” and not in the one for Mass Marketing for Mass Consumption.  As a result, I decided to call myself “Marketing Professional”.    


Now, this is the start of my branding.  As I set up the professional area, I updated my resume first so that, whenever my headhunter calls me, I would be able to concisely explain her what experiences that I could add from the past few years.  I tried to highlight a specific area of Marketing that I was able to get involved in and how.  This was important for me to organize my Marketing experience so that, in the future, I could communicate it to the general public.  However, to tell you the truth, my headhunter called me to update the job market before I updated my resume!  Learning from this was I must always brush up my resume to capture any opportunities.


Do I need to communicate the results of what I am doing in everyday in the office to my boss and colleague?  Yes, of course, I have to create my brand in the office as well in how I want to be recognized.  Usually, people tend to focus only inside ones’ office.  I don’t believe this is enough.  Communicating outside your daily life is sometime more important than communicating inside the office, especially in terms of brushing up your knowledge level or insight.  Besides this, when I communicate inside the office, I have to carefully watch for the politics at the same time.  Otherwise, I’ll get manipulated by some of intelligent “mafias” who would do anything for their position to get higher and I might be used as a scapegoat.  I cannot avoid the inside politics but I don’t want to get involved proactively.  Therefore, I decided to focus more on communicating outside.  Now, how would I do?

When it comes down to an action plan, I was not able to come up details for a while.  Write a book?  Start up a blog?  But why now? Isn’t it too late?  On top of all these, I will never have such time!

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