During the stagnant period, I tried to start something new immediately.  What could it be?  To join activities at office or outside office such as voluntary study session or reading club was some of the option that I could think of.  Then I realized that an awareness building activity for female business professionals had just started a few months ago.  When I registered at the first time, it was more like building a good team relationship with my Japanese boss.  As the core members of the group were looking for volunteers for the activities, I logged in the web site for registration.  The group had been active in the past few years after it was founded in the HQs in the States and expanded to other countries.  Two years ago, a group of four ladies declared that they will start the activities in Japan.  After a few days of registration, I received an invitation as a volunteer leader of one of the activities in 2012.  The types of activities in the plan were to “know other functions than the one you belongs to”, or, “organize a social event for those who have children.”  The only one that I thought I would be interested in was a guest-speaker event.  I requested the core members, thinking about my work schedule, to lead the one in October in three months for the guest-speaker event.  While saying this to them, I had already half decided to request Prof. Yoko Ishikura at Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University.

I had a few chances to meet her at Alumni gatherings of Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia and, as she is very proactive and energetic, I was quite sure that she would give us a tremendous inspiration just by meeting her.  This inspiration that simply came from my eagerness to do something new as soon as possible, did guided me for the short-term to mid-term goal.  


This is the same, I would say, for anybody who is searching for breakthrough: Start something new (even if it is a small thing) immediately.  If you start to take your time in thinking about how to overcome the deadlock, you would not be able to find out a solution soon and, even worse, your willingness to change or grow tend to be diminished.  Strike while your “thinking” is hot


Once this idea came through, the changes afterwards were quick and big.  In July, I contacted Prof. Ishikura to make an appointment on October 15, followed by exchange e-mails about what to be lectured on that day.  Then I made an appointment in our office in Shibuya on September 11, for the first and last time to prepare for the D-day.  At the meeting on September 11, Prof Ishikura gave us a great inspiration as expected.  After the meeting, I requested her to have lunch together privately to get some advice about my future asking about how I break through the stagnant condition for the past few years.  It was just a 40-min. lunch but she gave me the last “push” for me to move forward for short- and mid-term goal by giving me the answers for all the questions I had.  Yes.  This 911 had a great meaning and impact to me.  The conclusion was:       

“I will start my own blog by the end of October 2012 and transmit information as much as possible”

The purpose is to let people in the world know about my existence first.

As a result, this blog “Innovation and Growth” had started on October 24, 2012.  After meeting her on September 11 and despite the busiest period to prepare for the 2013 business plan, I managed to decide the structure and the contents of the blog within a month and two weeks.  Greater suffering gave me a greater energy for innovation and growth.

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