Being One Of A Kind - Appearance and Inner Attitude

I go off the track again for a while.  What if the Flood happens again soon?  Recently, in China, some wrote/broadcasted that the end of the World would come soon according to the Mayan Calendar.  In Japan, back in 1999, Nostradamus’ Prophecies became very popular and people talked about the end of the World.  Recently, some scientists claimed that some countries would sink because Antarctic Ice will melt significantly.  People in Japan, living in a country of earthquake, often think about emergency situations like the great earth quake in Kobe and Tohoku and try to get prepared for them.  However, when the big earthquake and tsunami hit Tokyo, what could I do afterward?  I asked the same question to my husband who graduated from the same US business school and we agreed that people like us, a salaried business person, would be significantly useless under such a life and death situation. There would be no jobs for salaried persons anymore in Tokyo or Kanto area.  OK, we might be able to help those who offer food and place to live but we cannot grow vegetables, catch fish or build a house.  Things that we, urban-grown people and worked for a company, can do are quite limited.  However, assuming the extreme case of the economy of Japan to be completely stopped and nothing left in Kanto area (no jobs, no food, no nothing), anybody who survived from the great earthquake and tsunami has to find a way to make a living, maybe by supporting the survived fishermen, farmers or carpenters through on-the-job training.  If I have a chance someday, I would like to offer sincere gratitude for famers, fishermen, carpenters and other professional people who are supporting Japan’s platform as a country and to create together a better way of winning against the pressure from abroad.         


Now, going back to the topic of Being One Of A Kind, I drafted up sentences to introduce myself briefly as below:

“I sometimes look grumpy because my eyesight is not really good.  Also, my expression tends to be too straight or harsh for Japanese, as I try to use a simple word for anybody to understand what I mean (Japanese tend to think direct expression as harsh).  However, I am cheerful, considerate, honest and forward-looking.  I would like to do good in the world through what I can do.”

After writing down, I realized one thing.  Maybe there is a gap between my appearance and my inner attitude.

Looking back when I was a bit younger and was a leader of teams, some team mates told me that someone was afraid of talking to me.  Why?  I always was honest to my teammates and eager to deliver good results as a team work.  Maybe, my eagerness was not conveyed in a right way?  What about now?  I’d like to reflect myself in what way I can improve, if so.  On the contrary, one of my ex-boss was quite evil-minded but he always looked gentle with smiley face.  This is, in a way, a great skill, although I do not want to be a person like this.  Some clever, evil-minded business persons are given to have such a skill to cover his/her evil-mind and get recognition from senior management.

My complements.  

As for me, though, it would be far much better to close the gap between the appearance and the inner attitude, assuming that my inner face is good.  The first impression sometimes would lead to business success.  Therefore, I want to avoid letting others have a bad impression.  I wish I could know the gap a long time ago to make my business life a lot easier.  Well, it’s not too late.  I still have time to change even if some have a bad impression about me.  Your life shapes your face and soul.  I would like to live a good and rewarding life and to shape a good soul to attain nirvana.  Writing this, I made a smile at the mirror on my desk.

I’ll do my best to shape a good face and soul for the next thirty years of my career!

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