Visualize The Way I Should Be

Now, it’s time for me to analyze my appearance.  I guess many people would feel the same way but It was very difficult for me to objectively observe how I look because I look at my face every day without exceptions.  Looking at a mirror, I could only see a boring face and could not find a single good point about it.  As many of Japanese women would think of their faces, I could only tell my face is “not bad but not good.”  As written in the article on 2/6, I was told that, when I was writing e-mails or creating presentation materials with my laptop, I looked grumpy.  My husband at home or senior colleague at office asked me if something must have had happened as I look really grumpy.  It might be because my eyesight was not good or because a project work was not making any progress.  In any event, I strongly felt that this “appearance” had to be improved.  Why?  Because the grumpy face will cause worry lines!  Since I was a teenager, I did not want the wrinkles between eye blows.  However, at the age of forty, I found the wrinkles were becoming deeper and deeper every day.  Right after I accepted that I DO have worry lines, I met a lady more than, I guess, sixty years old but absolutely without any worry lines!!!  She told me right away that my worry lines could not be ignored saying that these lines came from the way I live my life. Therefore, I decided to smile whenever I can.  You might laugh at me saying it’s just superstition but I do believe grumpy or unhappy face will cause further misery.  I don’t want to bring unhappy destiny only because of my unconscious grumpy face.  A few weeks ago, I placed a mirror besides a PC at office and at home to check my worry lines and make a smile intentionally. 

Being a future consultant, the first impression is quite important.  If a client thinks about me as a scary person or a person whom he/she do not want to talk to, I might not be able to continue as a consultant.  In order to show my good points, I realized that I should visualize what I should be.  Having a clear image of how I should be, I decided to look at my face and reflect myself on what I did today and yesterday so that I could make efforts to get closer to the ideal self.  This became one good and important step for my branding process.    

To tell you the truth, I was not sure if I should upload a photo of myself on the blog at the beginning.  However, thinking twice, I should upload a photo so that I could always see the future image of my inner attitude and I could differentiate my blog from others as there is no other face like mine in the world: My face tells my identity.  

Unfortunately, I could not find a suitable photo to show an ideal self besides the ones for driver’s license.  Why not investing in a good photo to visualize my future?  When I decided to ask a professional photographer, it had been already two weeks after I met Prof. Ishikura (my 911) and three days before the fiftieth birthday.  I managed to find a professional photographer and made an appointment on Sept 29 for shooting: the date was the last day of my 40s!

I had only two days to summarize the purpose of the photo before the day of shooting.  As the blog would become the first contact for most of the potential clients as a business consultant, the photo should be the ideal image of what I should be.  Having said this, though, there would be a limit of expressing the ideal image by photo itself, the message should be concise.  The expression that I created was the image of a “bright, pleasant, and dependable business consultant.”

On the day of shooting, it took two hours only for preparation and the numbers of pictures taken was more than two hundred.  When I saw the digital pictures of myself, I was quite surprised to see that most of the images were cheerful, bright and pleasant!  It was hard for the photographer and me to select the best ones.  As a memory of the last day of 40s, I bought all the images in CD-RM.  On the way home, I was with deep emotions thinking, “Now, I’m going home with the image of what I should be on the last night of 40s….”  I wish I could go for a drink at a nice bar and make a toast to myself with a glass of good champagne.  Instead, I walked along Rt. 246 in Gaienmae and took a subway to go home.

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