Gaps To Be Filled

Visualizing the way I should be, the next step was to find gaps between the ideal and current self.  Once you find gaps, the next step is to find a solution to fill the gaps.  First, am I bright?  Many friends of mine say I am bright and cheerful.  I think I am bright and cheerful as well.  This concludes that I AM bright and cheerful.  Next one is pleasantness.  I don’t think any of my friends told me that I am specifically pleasant.  Reflecting what I do when I go to my parents’ house once a month and when I work at office, I get occasionally irritated.  Well, I guess this irritation is the one that I have to solve in the short run.  Now how I could possible solve it? After thinking about for a while, I found out there would be two good ways to solve this.  One is to “do things calmly and steadily.”  The times that I get irritated tend to be when I only have a short and limited time to finish up an assignment but I also have to wait for others to finish their portion before even I start work on my portion of the assignment and when I could not receive the expected output from others so that I had to work additionally on behalf of them.  To avoid for me to get irritated, I could only start my assignments and projects as soon as possible with plenty of lead times.  As I start earlier, I could carefully work on them and get advice from senior management and other functions whenever necessary.  If, for some reasons, the projects and assignments could not be done as expected, of course, I get irritated about the unsatisfactory fact.  In such a case, I try to think that this is due to 50% from me and 50% from others. Then the level of irritation would be half of what it used to be.

However, sometimes my efforts to start assignment earlier cause a double work later and I felt like I should not do anything until the last time.  This was due to limited and delayed information sharing and/or too much focus on speed of finishing and not the quality of work.  The function that I work for in the company has a privilege of receiving important marketing information earlier than other functions.  Therefore, I don’t have to worry about if the enough information is available for a project every day.  However, of course, sometimes, the timing of information sharing delays.  Therefore, I have to judge when would be the best time to start working on the projects/assignments.  The balance between starting earlier and waiting to check the timing is quite sensitive.  Too much waiting would cause a less quality output but starting earlier would also cause a less quality output.  Another unfortunate problem to cause my irritation is when other related teams request us do their jobs with or without knowing.  I always feel like saying to them “Come on!  This is your responsibility and not ours!”  In such a case, I absolutely cannot be a pleasant person.  So, I decided to consider about their situation without get irritated and take a deep breath.  I step back a bit and try to think, “well, they might be too busy to understand the situation and ask for help to us.”  In this way, like it or not, I make efforts to accept the fact. However, accepting does not mean that I accept what they requested (once I do it, they would come back and ask the same thing again later!).  Accepting for me is to try to understand their situation and give them a better solution than asking me to do their job.

Yes. The second point of filling the gap was accepting.

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