Commemorating my former professor

Two weeks ago, I received the news that my dearest professor in Michigan passed away at the age of 86.  I had been busy in preparation for the upcoming conference and family problems but this was another big body blow.  I cannot properly update my blog.


What can I write under this situation?


First time in one month, I am able to enjoy the time that I don’t do anything with a cup of coffee.  What I think of now is about the professor passed away.


Since I went to the States at the age of 20, he had been giving me precious advice at turning points of my life.  I did not take his physics class at the under-grad but he, an ex-Japanese, taught me how to live and add values as a dual-cultural person.  Many of his advice became the platform of my life.


“Sensei, you told me to come and visit Mt. Fuji and see Sakura this spring, right?

Yesterday, sakura bloomed in Tokyo and your favorite Sumo is held in Osaka now.

Please come and enjoy!

I promise to visit your grave in Michigan soon.  Please wait for me there.”

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