Move Forward!

For the past few weeks, I had been too busy to write and think about articles because of conference preparation, mental problems of my younger brother, and death of my former professors.  Yesterday, I was able to escape from all the routine works in Tokyo and spent a quiet and sacred time inside mountains in Gif thinking about many different things freely. 


When I got up this morning, I was finally able to pick up a pen and to face a blank paper to write down key words.  Thanks to an unconscious action to leave one of my laptops here in the mountain hut, I plug in my laptop and pressed the start button.


The BS news this morning mentioned something about 1) strengthened Chinese and Russian relationship for a containing action against recent Prime Minister Abe’s visit to the States and conversations with President Obama and 2) the TPP preparation structure formed by Japanese government.  No matter what types of principles and policies、a country has to think about not expanding its territory but how to grow its economy and culture by maintaining or nurturing better relationships with other countries. People in a country should realize that their country would not grow if they focus only on their own benefit or superiority compared to others by closing their economy within their own country or showing what technology they have.


I often think about national security of Japan regardless of Chapter 9 of Japan’s constitution.  Recently, I listen carefully the news about Takeshima island and Senkaku islands.  There are, unfortunately, nothing that I can do to solve these problems.


However, I am able to think about the position of future Japan in terms of “trade” by focusing on TPP negotiation that would start soon.  I cannot miss any news of it.


Also, I am a bit interested in Prof. Yoko Ishikura’s Global Agenda Seminar in Roppongi Academy Hills that focus on younger generations.  It requires two English essays and one Japanese essay to get the admission.  I am not confident if I could get admitted but maybe I should?  For those who are interested in, the deadline for the application is at 16:00 of May 8.  Be encouraged to apply!

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