Who's fault?

Since Japanese government announced to participate in negotiations to join TPP, there has been many opinions and comments transmitted through TV, newspapers, magazines, twitter and other media.  I saw some tweets by Mr. Toshinao Sasaki saying that this might be like when Black Ship from the States came close to the bay of Uraga and Japan, as a country, spitted to two: one to stay status-quo and the other to create a new Japan. The observation was quite interesting.  I guess, when a country is going to significantly change, there would be two opposite opinion to split the county.  Therefore, I am truly looking forward to seeing how Japan would change for the next few months through participating in the negotiations, and, if necessary, I would change how I live the rest of my life.


This is something that I have been thinking about for a long time but one of the reasons that Japan has lost its power was due to its myopic people who tend to search only for short-term and selfish benefit.   

For example, talking about education, I understood the concept of the school system to change the education so that student could have more creativity and flexibility through so-called “education free from pressure”.  However, what happened, I observed, was teachers seemed to have stopped learning new things and students used more time in playing games and satisfied with what they have without developing their creativity and flexibility.  We should have thought about what should had been the purpose of having education free from pressure, the purpose such as strengthening the country’s economic power and competitive advantages through a certain industry.  Looking back the past twenty years, I don’t see any significant economic achievement in this country. Being a good citizen of the country of rising sun, we should proactively create our own visions like the forerunners during the Meiji Restoration did and strive to achieve the goal.  There were no such citizens, unfortunately, at this time of crisis.


Starting from lower educational level, a problem expanded to daily purchasing activities of consumers.  Consumers who looked for low priced product not by reducing enough the amount of purchase created a platform of deflation spiral.  As a result, many fathers’ wages went down during a few years. 


Selfish and myopic people never contribute the future of the country.  I regret that, regardless of the ages, many Japanese seemed to have become selfish and myopic.  I would like myself to revive old Japanese idea of aiming about success of the next ten years and willingness to sacrifice small selfish desires.

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