No Domestic Demand?

A post-war economic expansion model of Japan without natural resources was “exporting value added goods by importing raw materials.”  This model was discussed when I was at a business school in Virginia as one of the most effective models to get out of stagnation.  Of course the model is one of the effective ways but Japanese government might have to change the game plan now after so many years of dependency on export business. 


Going abroad because there’s not enough new demand inside Japan with saturated markets and less chances for a short-term return?


If we take a look at the country with a panoramic view point, we might be able to find many chances to grow domestic demand.  What about establishing a new energy system apart from the existing big electric companies?  As the government has started to move forward for separation of electric power production from power distribution and transmission, there would be the time soon that a regional company to transmit the electric power for a local community even through hydraulic and wind power as well as biomass.  The amount of an electric bill might go up a bit but we are able to save the energy and costs by simply using the electricity as minimal as possible.  This is also good in terms of sustainability. 


Also, when we, Japanese, eat more Japanese food with ingredients available from the country such as rice, fish, and vegetables but less amount of western food with meat, self-sufficiency rate will go up and the demand for produce of agriculture and fishery would be bigger.  It is also good for the Japanese gene to become healthy.  Japanese food is imbedded in Japanese genes!! For example, I became healthier by eating more brown rice with fish and vegetables: I lost my weight significantly and most of the numerical data from a health check-up now show good results.  Furthermore, the cholesterol level of my husband’s blood showed the lowest level in the past twenty years after he started to eat brown rice with me.  You might want to try this healthy Japanese diet!


We are now living in a good time as we could review our own life for creating a better platform of our future in Japan even if most of big companies move out from this country to seek for the short-term benefit.  The speed of the change might be faster in a country side than in the urban area such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya as people in a country side can start it small but grow it bigger and faster.  Of course, people in the urban area should also start the effective changes in their daily life to get out of “lost twenty years of economic stagnation and deflation”.  Furthermore, I personally would like to cheer up those small and mid-sized companies who focus on domestic growth. 

I know I am not like the great forerunners at the Meiji restoration but I would like to contribute as much as I can for the future of this country.  Hope some of you could join the club.

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