Upside Potentials Than Downside Risks

I decided a few weeks ago to move forward leaving problems that cannot be solved soon behind and praying to God to give me an advice for a solution in the long run.  Since then, I had been trying to find a new thing so that I could actually move forward for the next steps.  Interestingly, I was able to catch some precious messages from the news program, articles from Newspapers and magazines. 


Furthermore, the atmosphere of the new fiscal year in Japan pushed me from the back and I brightly and naturally thought about starting a new thing.  The work that I am in charge of is quite interesting and rewarding but I wonder if this is enough for me to keep growing.  There is some downside risks in staying in one company for a long time and we hear a lot of those downside risks recently.  I don’t like to fluctuate between hope and despair.


Therefore, I re-visited my upside potential last night.  Yes, I can do a lot better than I currently do.  Continuing the same type of job at the same company will give you a risk of losing potentials in a different area.  However, if I stay, I might get the same salary for the next x years but no guarantee.


Conclusion is rather than searching for uncertain benefit in a very risky situation, it would be far much better in proactively searching for upside potentials.  Actually, once I started to think this way, I feel like I have more energy than before.


I should not forget to keep changing myself for my own growth.

I must grow until I die!

Nope! I must grow even after I die! 

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