How To Associate With The Company You Work For

During the “lost twenty years” in Japan, companies had to abandon the famous “life-time employment.”  Regardless of this fact, there still are descriptions in Labor Standards Act for them to protect employees by all means.  I work for a foreign capital company and they protected Japanese employees for the first 50 years by 1999.  In 2000, it revealed itself as foreign-capital and laid off about a half of the employee to 500 people from 1,000.  Since then, with wonderful creativity, HR and Legal dept. made many senior members voluntarily decide to leave the company.  Furthermore, the organizational structures often change in the middle of fiscal year: we never know if our position can be secured for a few months.  There is always a high tension among employees about their jobs but, on the contrary, it provides gorgeous aspects as a FMCG company: we always have to prepare for the worst case scenario.  What about the companies that you are working for?  Do you decide leave if the company that you work for is like the one that I work for?


Well, I can leave the company whenever I want.  However, if I still find something interesting inside the company, why not go for it and enjoy working?  The drastic strategy change of BOJ wouldn’t change the economic climate immediately.  Therefore, there wouldn’t be many “good” opportunities outside yet.  Why not step back and ask about “life”?  For example, I have just a rough idea about what I want as follows.  And my goal is 3) and 4):

1)    Review my career path inside the company

2)    Search for better opportunities outside

3)    Start your own business

4)    Retire and spend a relaxing and easy life      


Once a year, I have a chance to discuss about my career development with my boss but I haven’t really decided the next step inside the company.  Any interesting job inside for the next two, three years?  Then, I thought about challenging a new thing, that was to move to a totally new group to increase my Marketing experience. I will be totally new to the area but I thought through my past career and my skill set and concluded that I could keep the business for that particular group growing in the same pace as in the past or even faster despite the recent slowing down trend.  After I got endorsement from my boss and colleague, I applied for the open position.  I did not think about what if I could not get the job as Prof. Ishikura of Keio Graduate School always says, “So what? Take actions!”  The result was unfortunate that my proposal was not accepted. But I feel much better than before as I, at least, tried to open the door.  I move forward to take another chance soon again. 


Do not place limits to yourself.   Believe that your ability is infinite.

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