Accepted By Mountain Spirits

I’d like to write a totally different story that related to spirituality.


Have you seen a cartoon movie produced by Mr. Hayao Miyazaki?  There are many types of strange spirits and creatures in his art works which are not animals or humans.  You might not believe this but I sometimes hear, feel and see them even when I close my eyes.  I don’t know why but I sometimes do see them when I close my eyes.  The timing of the encounter with them varies from after midnight and dawn. Even during the day time such as when I try to tune in with the vibration of God (or Great Universal Power), I could see people nearby even when I close my physical eyes.  However, fortunately, I cannot always experience this strange thing.  It would be very scary if I could always see, hear, and feel the unseen spirits!


This strange experience, however, frequently happens when I go to a certain place. A few years ago, I decided to rent a small mountain hut in the Hida area and started a small organic farming experience.  There, for some reasons, I can frequently encounter such strange experiences.


The first one was a bit scary, though, and it happened almost at the beginning of this organic farming experience.  Back then, I had a little chance to talk to neighbors because I drive more than 5 hours to reach there, spend a short time in the small field then have a good rest inside the hut: I could only exchange greeting to one or two people when I took care of my crop.  Therefore, I always wondered if I was really accepted by the community there including the wonderful nature with a stream and trees in the mountains.


One day, when I finish the field work, I thanked to the field as usual saying, “Thank you very much.  Please grow bigger” and went back to my hut.  I slept very well that night and realized that it was right after dawn.  Then, I clearly heard two people (I thought they were people at that time) walking towards my hut from the paved road. I wonder who they are at such an early time of the day.  I decided not to open the entrance door as it is too early and I did not think I have enough time to wash my face and get ready to welcome them.  Instead, I would apologize them later of not answering their knocks later.  When they arrive at the entrance, one of them, without any sound, entered into my hut and quickly come besides me.  “Gee, they are not human!!  So scary!  God, help me!” I was shouting in my mind.  I begged to him not to hurt me and scare me.  Then he lied down next to me and gave me a gentle hug like Mickey Mouse does at Disneyland.  “Oh, thank you,” I mumbled and, the next moment, I could move my body and they disappeared quickly.  I was totally blank for a moment thinking that they were not human but some kind of spirits walking with two legs.  However, after this, I became glad that I felt like I was accepted by the community.


Since then, I have been spending some of the weekend offering gratitude and having interactions to the Creator God, Guardian Deities of the land, and spirits exists there. 

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