A Peaceful Time

For the past few weeks, I have been writing several articles but I still could not complete any of these.  It’s already in the middle of May.


I fell sick since yesterday and the only things I did in the past 24 hours were getting some food from nearby shops, eating them, going to toilette, and sleeping.


I still feel terrible physically but my mind is quite calm.  I am spending a precious and quiet time during a day time in the middle of working days at the central part of Tokyo.


It’s such a warm day with wonderful sunshine.  All windows of my apartments are now opened to invite refreshing breeze from outside.  Small trees of my little garden is swinging with the breeze and the herbs in a pot look very cheerful with the light from the sun.


I also hear birds whistling (they might have flown from Yoyogi Park) and I am filled with the sense of appreciations.  Finally, I was able to decide to update my blog with this article.


I realized that the reasons that I could not update any of my articles as I had been experiencing many changes inside myself and I could not get satisfied with any of these. 

Inside myself?  Where would it be?  It is as if my soul is transforming.


I enjoy this peaceful time for the rest of my day with sunshine and breeze without thinking about tomorrow.

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