Attitudes toward Innovation

In early May, I went to participate in a lecture by Mr. Shinichi Inoue of LCC Peach Aviation and Prof. Seiichiro Yonekura of Innovation Research Center of Hitotsubashi University at Roppongi Academy Hills.  I had been interested in Prof. Yonekura’s lecture quite some time and this was the first experience with his lecture.  Unfortunately, I could only participate in the last 50 min. of 2 hour session but I was quite satisfied with many thought-provoking ideas!  I was able to reflect myself and to develop my sense of innovation regardless of the busy schedule of daily life.  Therefore, on the way back home, I “felt like” I could expand my area of creativity.


Now, here are the contents that I could able to pick up:

1)    Points to become innovative

 A)     Do not walk the same road everyday

 B)     Do not purchase similar clothes or wear them

 C)     Do not do what others do

 D)    Do what is said to be impossible

 E)     Repeat why to yourself to challenge things

2)    Judge based on your own ideas                          

 A)     Use “I” instead of “we” when we talk or make decision

3)    Aim a clear goal

 A)   Think “today” as a step to reach the goal

4)    Positioning of Peach Aviation

 A)   “Flying Train”

 B)   Changes in In-Flight Entertainment

 C)   Collaboration with local/regional Airports


Regardless of my wish to become innovative, when I check myself on the list of 1), I found many areas that I should make improvements.  For example, as I always walk the same road on the way to the office, I always believe things on the road that I see are always the same or they are supposed to be same.  As for clothes, as I always value their functionality, I have many similar types of clothes.  It will cost a lot if I need to change these.  How do l change this habit?


Peach Aviation was established based on Mr. Inoue’s innovative ideas and clear goal based on Prof. Yonekura’s advice.  Its positioning is totally different from the existing airline companies such as JAL or ANA.  It is a “flying train” for a passenger paying less and uses it without thinking too much about flying on an airplane.  In order to minimize the costs of operation, they first paid attention to the airport fees; they do not use walk ways from gate to airplanes.  Therefore, of course, passengers have to use umbrellas when it rains.  Passengers also required having a different POV from using other existing airlines.  It will take some time for passengers to get used to the idea but this is one of the ways to fly easy and to realize that you are paying for what you get. 


Next idea was about in-flight entertainment. At the ground lounge, passengers are able to download whatever they want to listen or see on the flight free of charge and as many as possible to their own device.  After four hours, those contents downloaded will be deleted automatically.  Unless passengers are too old to catch up the technology, passengers tend to have their own device to download whatever they want.  Or they can even bring their own books or magazines of their choice (I always bring books to read during the flight).  Peach, in a way, provides opportunities for passengers to enjoy their customized way of enjoying the flight.


Also, passengers’ seats are made of leathers.  Isn’t this luxurious?  Well, again, this is one of the ideas to minimize the costs as it is easier to clean them than the cloth ones.


Talking about employees, they are all three-year contracted.  Pilots paid depending on the length of the flight; the longer they fly, the more they get paid.  As it is three-year contract, they always have a good tension to contribute to the company in their own ways.  Who are those employees except for pilots?  They are some kind of professionals in one area such as musicians and artists.  Anyone who are professional on one area is willing to learn by his or herself and Peach does not have to think about giving them training or lecture.  Therefore, they don’t have to pay for employees’ training fees and they don’t hire new university grads.


When airfares are significantly lower than others, as you expect, there will be a huge amount of passengers start to use Peach.  Peach is able to offer win-win situation to airport facilities as they are able to bring many passengers and passengers’ families to them.  They are able to bring win-win situations to local/regional airport facilities.


Of course, passengers and airport facilities need to understand these unique and innovative ideas but Peach is already about to generate some profit after three fiscal years.  This is something that we should give a big hand.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had any chances to try Peach flight as their hub is located in Kansai (more than 500 km west of Tokyo) but I am willing to experience the flight when I have a chance.


Also, I made up my mind to change my everyday life, even if it’s small, from where I can.

Have a good and unique flight of your own!

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