Some corporations provide seminars for their employees to transform themselves to get motivated and to willingly accept new ideas.  There seem to be many methodologies in the HR education field.  Also, there are many people who have a clear goal as to how they want to change themselves.  What I experienced this time was, without having any clear ideas, I could transform myself quite naturally by doing something quite unique.


Long time ago, some people that I know suggested clean a toilet bowl by my bare hands. I said, “OK, cleaning toilet bowl is fine but why on earth do I have to do it by bare hands?  What is that for and what kind of good thing that I would be able to get?”  They told me, “You’ll find out when you tried for a few weeks.”  I thought it’s meaningless and did not follow the advice.


More than ten years passed since then and, in early March this year, I heard the same advice from someone else.  “Try cleaning a toilet bowl of your home with your bare hands without using cleaning substance but instead baking soda and citric acid.  This is good for the environment.”  Now, this time, I thought, “well, maybe I should do it now as it is good for the environment and, if I don’t do it now, I won’t do it forever.”  For the past few months, I wanted to change even a small thing, if I could.  Therefore, I did not need any logics or reasons to use my bare hands.  Can you imagine what happened to me?  I now see or observe things logically from a different point of view.


For example, at the end of May, I suddenly thought about selling my favorite apartment in Tokyo and my sports car.  I wrote about “rich life” the other day and, later, I had more chances to reflect my values and to organize things around me.  Looking at my apartment in Tokyo, it is quite spacious to live in although we are not there during the daytime as we both work.  Energy bills at summer and winter is quite high as to warm/cool down the rooms that we use.  Cleaning also takes time and I ask professional cleaning service twice a month to clean bathrooms and kitchen.  Why do I need the service?  Because I want to keep my apartment clean and tidy and I want to make it happen in a short time.


Then I, again, thought about my comfort and independent life and came up with the following four points; I would like to 1) clean, eat, do laundry and take bath in an appropriate/minimum sized apartment in Tokyo, 2) continue my hobbies such as flamenco dance and horse-riding as long as possible, 3) have a car with good energy efficiency to be used in all seasons, 4) enjoy nature at the small mountain hut in Gifu Pref.  


Also, I have been having this sixth sense of leaving Tokyo, my home town, someday to live somewhere in Japan or even outside the country and I don’t know when I am able to come back once I leave the place.  Then why don’t I make ourselves “light” in terms of fixed asset and have more liquid money.  What I do now is apart from what I feel using my sixth sense. Furthermore, my attachment for materials became smaller than ever.  I never imagined that such big change could happen to me.  All the change in my mind occurred after starting the bare-hand toilet bowl cleaning. Surprisingly, I was able to start cleaning drainage of bath tab a few days ago.  I don’t think I have to ask for room cleaning service anymore.


Why don’t you start the same cleaning at your home?  You would enjoy the change, whatever it may be!

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