When you hear a word, “possessions,” you would imagine things with economic value such as land, house, car, jewel, arts and others.  Their values are decided by the people who want to purchase them.


In the blog that I wrote the other day, I mentioned that I selected to own liquid money than keeping fixed assets.  Many people might have questioned why not investing in financial assets rather than cash?  What an opportunity loss!  Well, I did not think so as things that have shapes lose their values when they lose their functions.  The same thing can be said for financial assets.  For example, stocks become a piece of paper when the company goes bankrupt.  People believe in the value of the materials assuming the shape or function will last at least for a certain period.  If economy is expanding with a right inflation rate, people holding property will gain without doing anything.  That’s how people learned from the past.


Well, then what if you experience the earthquake and tsunami similar to the one in Kobe and Tohoku of Japan or tornado in the United States?  You lose your house, car and everything you have and you are still alive.  Can you imagine what you would think under such situation?


Are you kidding? I will be OK.  The place that I live is perfectly fine.

Is that so?  Can you believe in that 100%?


Some says the last freedom that is given to humans is the freedom to think.  Even if you are alive after losing everything that you had, you can still “think.”  Thinking would lead people for hope and to rebuild a town and a country.  What people need is a strong soul to get things recovered and altruistic love to others to help each other.


Remembering the Buddhist concept of “absence of absolutes” and, as it says in Christian Bible, I would rather accumulate merit points in the heaven than making a material fortune in this physical world.

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