Limit of Democracy

I could listen to a series of CNN podcasts on the way to my mountain house in my car last weekend.  There were some discussions about US debt ceiling issues and the close of government facilities.  Then I was quite surprised to hear one of the opinions of a congress man who are against passing the bill.  The reason of the counterview was extremely silly! The facilitator challenged the congress man saying, “If you want to reopen the government, then reopen the government!”


After a few days, Prof. Yoko Ishikura tweeted that it was such a pity to see the “loud” minority made the country and the world stopped and uneasy.  Taking minority opinions and reflect them in the government policy used be one of the merits of democracy but it is sad to see what’s happening in the world of democracy nowadays. Maybe the democracy hit the wall.


Two questions about democracy were raised in my mind:

1)     If those minority groups are quite egotistic and only think about their own benefits and nothing else, is taking opinions of these minorities going to be everyone’s or the community’s benefit?  Of course, there are many minority groups that we should carefully consider and support financially or by other means but these egotistic minorities should be separated from discussions.  Otherwise, there will be no democracy but only mobocracy.

2)    While more and more people look like becoming egotistic, we value more on diversity, respecting different opinions. Does this method of “majority vote” really make sense in a society or country of diversity?


According to Wikipedia, modern democracy combined with individualism has started in 19th century.  In other words, it’s been already close to 170 years since we started to live in the world of democray.  Maybe it’s time for us to find a better way of deciding a direction of a country or community.


Before many countries fall into mobocracy and make the whole world fall apart (or they have already fell into it?), I would like to think and act how my home country, Japan, can be changed.  Hopefully, people in many other countries also re-consider how their countries can be restructured so that we all can aim for the Earth to prosper.  If this is possible, then we all will be able to construct a great world.

Well, yes!  We can make the great world.

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