Coexistence with Nature

It’s been already three years now since we started to rent a small hut in the central mountain area of Japan.  The temperature goes down to -30 Degree Celsius with high around 0.  Remembering my student years in Midwest of the United States, people feel warm with 0 Degree Celsius as the temperature goes down to -20 to -30 Degree!

Compared to the coldness in the mountain area, I always feel warmer in Tokyo when I get back.


Why do I want to go such a cold place by driving about five hours from Tokyo?

Because I would like to be healed by the nature there with deities of mountains and streams and holy spirits in full play.


When I goes to the hut, I always leave Tokyo early in the morning.  When I get up, I sometimes think, “well, it might be better to stay and get relaxed in Tokyo as it will be very cold out there,” (although I also don’t believe that I can get relaxed in Tokyo!”  Such feeling and thinking disappear as I drive into the mountain area.  I know this is always the case and, when I arrive there, I know that I feel like I don’t want to go back to Tokyo.  Therefore, I purchased snow tires and change my sports car to the 4-wheel drive to be always ready to head to the moutain.


When I look outside and watch the snow falling down quietly from windows of the hut, I feel like my heart becomes pure white and I never get bored of looking at the snowing scene.  Even in summer time without any snow, I don’t get bored either.  Observing myself, I can enjoy the holy time and space with Mother Nature’s quiet activity by my soul, heart and body.  At the end of the day, I always feel healed with the warmth of Mother Nature.


Come to think of it, I remember my old father watching the front yard of his house all day.  He might find the good old days of Tokyo when there were so much of Mother Nature’s activities and might enjoy its nostalgia. He always watches the yard and, occasionally goes out and stars to trim his garden.  I found myself doing the same thing at the hut and I say like my father does, “Gee, I’m tired, ” when the sun sets.  This is one of the moments when I feel his genes inside me.


Tokyo will sink in the bottom of the sea someday without recovering its nature that it used to have.  Well, not only Tokyo but many places in the world, I believe, will experience similar crustal changes.


Together with those land, people who only chase money and power forgetting the preciousness of and respect for Nature will disappear.  Hope those who are not will be saved no matter what.


I don’t know exactly what happens to where but wish many to recall the preciousness of Nature, to live peacefully with it, and to help each other. 

I also wish more and more people to realize the ephemerality of money and power.

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