Takayama City Energy Mission

There are many movements of “let’s make our energy by ourselves” started recently across the globe.  In Japan, many cities encourage the use of natural energy but among these, City of Takayama declared that they will the number one of the use of natural energy.  They invited Mr. Kosuke Mobara, the writer of The New Capitalism of Village Forest, together with Mr. Seikou Itoh, also a writer, and held a forum at Takayama Civic Hall.  When this forum was announced to be held, Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto, the famous musician living in New York sent the city a message that he would all the natural energy the Takayama energy, according to an article of Takayama PR brochure dated December 15, 2013.


Furthermore, the city of Takayama will hold an open seminar from 2/1 through 2/22 in order to present various activities of local Japanese government in promoting natural energy.  In addition, in March, they will provide one week intensive course (Details will be provided by Takayama Environment Policy Section 81-577-35-3533).


I am very much interested in the course but I don’t think I can request a vacation during the period, unfortunately.  I will definitely participate in the course someday!


Since mid October last year, I have been thinking about doing a BIG thing that would change the world.  Then, to my surprise, I started to come across much information about natural energy.  I feel like this is truly due to the God’s “invisible hands.”


How could I possibly participate in this wonderful activity by Takayama City?  This is one of my agenda now.  If I had lots of money and time, I would build a house there and use natural energy and live self-sufficiently.  Here’s the to do list:


1)    Find a place to build a house

2)    Think about an appropriate floor plan for my family

3)    Find how much energy required for cooking, heating, hot-water supply, glass house for vegetables, especially for winter time

4)    Search for an appropriate energy equipment to satisfy the required energy level calculated at 3)

5)    Estimate the total initial and running costs


How long would it take for me to have the plenty money and time to do this?  Well, it’s free of charge to simply estimate how much money I need to earn in order to do this.  Why not start doing it?

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