Live now

It’s been quite some time since I wrote to you last time.  I had been practicing flamenco dance together with my dance mates three times a week for the past three months to make a debut at a tablao in Nishinippori on March 21, 2014. 


It’s been a tough few months as I had to work during the day time until 7 PM every day and to start practicing the dance from eight through ten PM.  On top of that I had an intensive horse riding class every two weeks.  Somehow, I managed to overcome the big day on March 21. 


Let me offer sincere gratitude for those who came to see our flamenco dance on that night!!!


Now, setting aside my contented soul, according to Shintoism, now or the moment that we live is called Naka-ima (=middle now) as it’s between the past and the future.  The Shintoism teaches us to live the precious now together with the mission and life that were given by God and ancestors.


When someone who is a bit twisted hears this, he or she might think, “OK, then, I just simply do whatever that I want to do now without having any goals as everything is GIVEN by God and ancestors.


Or, if someone experience terrible hardship, he or she might not be able to accept that the past will not come back and that a bright future cannot be seen.  However, even if people are in such a terrible condition, when they “live the precious now” without making a fuss but with smile on their face, brighter future will be opened up for them.


Of course, you don’t have to experience hardship for brighter future.  To live the precious now  is quite important to anybody under any circumstances.  Unless we accumulate “now” with sincere efforts, a big success will not be ours regardless of how big the goal is.  However, when we accumulate “now” with diligent efforts, these efforts will never be lost.  We should continue aim higher to be better selves and, in order to do this, we have to sometimes fight against the laziness and excuses in ourselves.


A goal will give us courage to be strong and we will not get lost in our lives.  One thing to be remembered is that the goal has to be achievable.  Otherwise, it will become an unnecessary “attachment” and people tend to get harassed by it.  Let’s try not to give up in achieving an appropriate goal but continue to live the precious now.

When I was dancing flamenco at the tablao on 3/21, I was only thinking about dancing and nothing else: later, a great sense of achievement followed.


As we are living in a rough time, we should have a good goal like, “I will do such and such thing in order to fill the world with happy people,” and we should accumulate diligent efforts everyday in order to make the world as happy as possible.  The happiness means not to become a billionaire or to have a power and right to rule the world.  The great universe and the earth will not allow egotistic goals to flourish any more.  We should help each other to overcome upcoming difficulties and establish a purified and happy world on Earth.


Why don’t you review the way you live now?  Please ask yourself, “Why do you live now for what?”   

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