Some illness comes from the mind

I fell sick at the end of March and had a minor asthma attack at the first week of April.  Since then, I had to slow down my daily life with the breathing problem.  And now, it’s already the long holiday season called Golden Week!  I really have to come back to normal to catch up with work and hobbies.  Be hurry without feeling pressure!


I’m lucky to have a good friend of mine, who is psychic, from Singapore time more than 15 years ago, who always knows how to adjust my life for the better: It’s like God arranges a meeting occasion with her no matter how busy I am.  She is just a simple house wife whose husband was transferred to Singapore even before my husband and I went there.  Not many people could understand what these psychics do but they are truly incredible.  She, in particular, uses so called “the Light of God” and save people’s life and changes people’s destiny better.  Not only her but also her husband and her family has this power of seeing something that we, ordinary people, could not see.  Therefore, they also easily get surprised when they come across the mysterious scenes.  However, they don’t use this power for a living as they are VERY RICH!: they are given everything by God as they accumulated good deeds in the past lives.  To become a person who’s given everything by God, I have to accumulate so much of good deeds in this life time.  Well, at least I feel like I had already started to earn a bit of these deeds a few years ago.  Maybe the reward will be in my next life but, unless I start, I could never become a person like that.


She told me there is a cause of becoming sick, no matter what it is: The cause someties comes from their innermost attitude and also the innermost attitude will affect how quickly they recover. One example is that a man who received a medal and an award of merit at one time.  He became cancer immediately after he received it.  His family also got sick right after the decoration.  As he was sentenced for a death within a few months, he and his family visited my friend, say Mrs. A.  Mrs. A instantly advised him to say, “Thank you all for supporting me in the past.  I was able to receive the medal and award due to your support,” to others.  He obviously looked like annoyed as he might have thought it’s not because of others but I made it by myself.  Mrs. A clearly saw his spiritual nose growing longer toward a ceiling.  His nephew thanked Mrs. A for saying it to the man but the man himself never agreed to do it.  If his innermost attitude changed and he said “thank you” to the others, he could survive.  As his doctor told him, he passed away soon after the visit.


Another example is that when people dies early, many of them tend to strongly wish that they want to die to feel better.  It is totally wrong to believe in the death will make yourself much better and there is nothing after death.  However, those who do not believe that there is another world after death tend to use the death as an excuse to escape from reality.  Everything that you are experiencing now is the results of things that you have done in the previous life and your assignment is to overcome the mistakes.  However, you don’t have to look back the past that you cannot change no matter what, but instead, you have to look for the future with bright and cheerful innermost attitude.  We are not able to easily get out of any types of unhappy situation but let’s try to believe that the future is bright.  In Japanese, we write “tomorrow” as a bright day (明日).  When you can truly believe in that you will become happy, you will be happy.  When you buy a lottery 100% believing you will win a certain amount without having any doubts, you will get the amount, Mrs. A said.  Well, as I never can believe that, I will not buy a lottery, unfortunately.


I believe that accumulating my deeds for the betterment of others and society, I will be able to live comfortably without having any worries.  I should remind myself that all illness comes from my mind and believe that I will never become sick, although I always try to take care and listen to what my body says.  Yes.  My future IS bright and cheerful

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