Are you transforming?

After I decided to make the New Year’s resolution of “Another Transformation this year!” I finally had a chance to review the first quarter:

1)    Started to learn Sho of Gagaku 

2)    Decided to form a stronger connection with Hida

  • Would like to have a house with natural energy (not thought about natural energy) 

3)    Formed a connection with Higashi Izu

  • Re-connected with old friends during Singapore time

4)    Cancelled the membership with the equestrian club that I belonged to close to ten years (totally unforeseen)

5)    Made a flamenco debut at a tablao (totally unforeseen as well)


Re 1), it was decided last November.  However, 2) and 3) are something that I suddenly decided right after the earthquake in March in Shikoku (a country of Iyo) because my sixth sense that was a sleep for a while became awaken.  When the planned earthquake hits Kanto, there would be no place for my parents and brother to live.  I felt strongly to find a place for them to be, at least, evacuated temporarily.  My husband and I have been thinking about going to Hida if we have to get evacuated from Tokyo, but I didn’t think my parents would love to live in a cold place.  Since I suddenly remembered that our older friends from the Singapore time living in Higashi Izu, we decided to get connected with the place.

The by-product of the awakened sixth sense was 4).  Why does this link with the equestrian club?  My bridle and saddle were in a locker of the club and I did not want to lose such an expensive and lovely bridle and saddle because of the earthquake.  Therefore, I decided to bring them to Hida.  I wonder if I could not do horse-riding for a while… I felt a bit sad but if I don’t have them evacuated in advance, I was also sure that I would regret.  So I made the move right away.

Re 5), the flamenco dance teacher suggested some of our classmates if we were interested in dancing at a tablao in late January, I was more than happy to do so and said “Yes!” to the offer.  However, it was just tough to get prepared for the day for the debut as I imagined: working from 9 am to 7 pm, practicing flamenco from 8 pm to 10 pm twice or three times a week with team members.  During the same period, I was also preparing for 2) and 4).  Now, you must know what happened after the debut.  Right after the debut of March 23, I suffered a series of health problems and got a minor asthma attack in early April.  Until May 5, I repeatedly had minor asthma attack frequently: I was lucky enough not to have a major one.  It’s been a slow start of the second quarter but now I am gradually recovering.


Furthermore, I had to review my annual budget because of 2) and 4).  However, as I haven’t decided details of 2), I still cannot finalize the budget yet.

In any event, it was significant transformation that I went through in the first quarter.


Regarding a riding academy, I could not help but joined another one close to my apartment in Tokyo.  I am pretty sure that we will have a big earthquake soon in Kanto area but I would also regret if I cannot ride horse.  Well then, what about bridle and saddle?  I kept them in Hida for a while.


By the way, my work at the FMCG Company has been gradually changing and I have started to do lot of new things.  This is not something that I decided but the company decided on my behalf!     


I would like to continue aiming for further growth and transformation calmly, step by step, and with nice smile on my face.

Hope you readers also review your first quarter soon for further transformation!

Let’s keep moving!

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