Current Health Condition

Since the doctor told me not to use a PC and smart phone at home, I could only write an article at office during the lunch time.


Although I had been using a terminal or a PC all the time since I graduated from University and Graduate School, since I was diagnosed as cataract, I had been reducing the use of a PC at home and, instead, increasing the use of my body and ear for dance and song practice.  Therefore, I have a lot to do after work.


However, I suffer motion sickness in association with Meniere’s Disease and feel tired most of the time.  It’s like I’ve been working so hard for the past years and I never can get recovered from the fatigue.  The doctor suggested me, as a treatment of the disease, walk very quickly for more than 30 min every morning and evening.  I managed to do it for the past month but, since the condition did not go well as he expected, he request me do aerobics at home on top of the two walking sessions.  I don’t think I can do more than what I do now and I gave up getting medical advice from him.  I need some rest after work! He was quite famous in treating the disease without any medicine or drugs but I do have a physical limit.  When I cannot move, I cannot move.   

I decided to change to Eastern Medicine with holistic approach unlike Western Medicine which doctors focus only on their professional areas.  I don’t think I can call Western Medicine as “advanced” any more, unfortunately. 

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