The New Challenge

“I don’t think staying in the same function or group this long would not give me much anymore and I don’t add much more values to the organization.”


In last summer, when I was about to enter in the eighth year after I joined the team, I happened to find vacant positions in our global job-posting system.  The first two was not quite suitable for my past experience but the third one was quite attractive.  Also, the job grade was the same as my current one. 

“Well, this might give me a great opportunity to learn and contribute more!”

I instantly thought about applying it.  When I checked the deadline for the application, I realized that there were only three days left!

“Should I give up or be brave to talk to my current boss?  What should I say to him?”


As the process has to be taken behind the scene, I could only send him an e-mail and asked if I could at least apply for it although the hurdle might be quite high.


He instantly replied with an answer “yes,” and the whole process took place quite rapidly.  Soon after the application with my resume, two interviews, an hour each, with my potential colleague and one “business case exam” was held:  the case exam was like the one for a consulting company to solve a business case within 10 min with a white board and a calculator.  I felt like I went back to my business school days.

In any event, I managed to pass all of the above and the last interview with Senior Vice President for a final check.


Voila!  I was transferred to the Strategy and Insights team as of October 1.


It’s been only about two months since I was transferred; I am still catching up with the way this Strategy team manages their assignments: every single task has to be done very quickly and thoughtfully to satisfy the management requirement.  This is totally different from the previous one that required careful coordination with other departments and business partners: consensus was everything there.  Instead, we are requested to deliver even only 30% but on time (of course,  a fair justification is a must).  When I was going through the hiring process, I, kind of, knew this would be the case.  Yeah, I was totally right.

On top of this, as there are so many “highly restricted” projects that I have to get involved in, I need to request for some information from other departments without explaining the real reasons to them.  This requires good communication skills and trust among colleague.


In any event, I have been calmly and diligently working on each task with smile.  While I have intensively worked in the past few weeks, during the lunch time break, I was able to discuss constructively with other colleague of the Strategy team on how the multi-national company should grow in Japan.  Once I get used to the way the team works, this team is going to be the best place for me to contribute and learn.


About the same time last year, I was filled with a hope of the new coming year with innovation and challenge.  I feel the same way now by working differently than before.


I will keep learning and growing next year as well!

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