Reflecting Myself at the End of the Year

When a company creates a business plan for the next fiscal year based on mid- to long-term goal, it reviews its performance at first and summarizes what’s worked and not worked in order to find issues or areas of improvement.

Therefore, I questioned myself,

“What is my mid- and long-term plan?” The answers are:

  1. Remain professionally active throughout my life! – But don’t be too active after the age 80
  2. Full-time work for 3 days (or 20 hours work per week) until the age 70
  3. Full-time for five days a week as a management consultant until the age of 65
  4. Accumulate experience in Senior Management Team in the current company until the age of 60
  5. Learn how to become a good management consultant at Strategy and Insights until the age 55


As I wrote the other day, I was transferred to a new group of Strategy and Insights regardless of my  limited experience of corporate strategy; I would like to learn as much as I can for the next three years.  After the age of 55, I might need to try using the skills either at the current company or somewhere else.  At the same time, I would like to look for the potential clients.

After the age 60, as I would easily imagine that the physical strength would be weaker, I might need to be my own boss and to work full time to keep some income.

After 65, I would accept the annual income to be about a half of I earn now and reduce the working hours...


Now, reflecting myself this year, I realized there were so many things happened.

Since I was diagnosed as Meniere’s disease, my physical condition got worse and lost physical strength to keep myself going: I have been taking four different types of herbal medicine.

Despite this health condition, I applied for a job posting and passed the interviews and an exam to be transferred to Strategy and Insight Group as of October 1.  Thanks to this change as I have started to:

A)     Stop my favorite flamenco dance after the recital in November to focus on the new assignment

B)     Learn Bayes Statistics

C)     Revisit English Grammar for better English writing

D)    Watch NHK World Newsline every morning from Monday through Friday via Smart Phone


Especially, because English is used at a meeting of Strategy and Insight Group, I need to brush up English skills for proper expressions and vocabulary related to Economics and Business.  On top of this, in order to create a forecast model, I need to have knowledge about Bayes Statistics.


There will be many more to come to stimulate my intellectual curiosity!

The area of my improvement that I could identify is “to calmly and orderly make actions”


When I feel more comfortable with the current assignment, I would be able to start to dance flamenco and to aim for participating in Tokyo Equestrian Cup.  Luckily, I will be able to get a longer year-end vacation this year to stay in Izu and Takayama for quiet reading and thinking.


In any event, I will continue to make innovative changes for further growth!

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