Challenges Continue

Sorry that I was not able to update my blog for so long.

You might think that I moved up a step and now I am able to take a bit of rest.

Actually not.

My body screamed and asked me to STOP for a while two weeks ago.

Yes, I am forced to have a rest upon doctor’s advice.

I have nothing else to do but laying in my Futon, I thought this is the best time to quickly update it.


I have been enjoying changes and challenges since last October and, fortunately, I became aware of many things that I neglected in the past years.  Or, even if I thought “this would ruin out competitive advantages in the near future, there was no functions or senior managers who would be able to act on it.  Finally, at the current function that I belong to, I am freely address on any of the issues and work on ourselves.


Well, the flip side of this is that as I absorbed myself into these projects, I could not reflect my health condition:  this is not a good sign as a business professional.  I need to slow down a bit but to continue to keep myself fit.


I constantly learn to change the way I used to work nowadays.  One of the reasons is that the audience or client who receives our analysis and recommendation was drastically changed.  I don’t have any problems to talk and discuss issues and constructive solutions but I have to adjust the way I create presentation materials and the way I explain in order to induce constructive discussions.  Although this is so true and basic as a key of presentation, I forgot about this as I always faced the same type of audience for quite a long time.   


Also, I forgot about deep-diving the raw data of analysis as I knew that there’s no ways of knowing the reasons with our existing research system. 

Why not change the existing one then?  Go back to the basics!

Yes.  This is how I changed to challenge myself and colleague.


It is obvious that these new changes and challenges contribute to my future career, although it is always painful to find a new way of doing better solutions.


I keep going by keeping myself fit, learning new things, challenging new things, and,

on top of these, of course, updating this blog more frequently!

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