The key is small efforts everyday

What a long time that I did not feel like writing an article!

I should start writing about the reasons.


First of all, simply, I could not think about spending some time to do it.


Reflecting October 2014 when I recommended myself to a newly opened challenging but interesting position and I got it, I knew that it will require a good amount of efforts as I was starting a brand-new thing.

Soon after this, in January 2015, due to the global restructuring of the company, my boss had to go.  Then, as I lost my boss to report to, I was transferred to the other team  in April: I never thought this could happen when I recommended myself to the newly opened position.  The new team that I was transferred to was totally different from the one that I was interested in working.  As you can imagine, this was a very painful transition.    


Well, of course, it’s just another duty of “salaried women.”  However, I could not help thinking about finding another job outside as I was forced to do something that I never thought of doing it without any clear direction but instead only a simple command of “Prepare a simple analysis of this and that.”  Many of managers who do not know the “real” work that he or she gets involved in cannot give a purpose and an output image: they tend to mention “generic” knowledge that anybody can say but nothing related to insights. 


In preparation for the job hunting, I have to have some “success stories” from this new situation: something that I am able to have a pride in.

“Voila!”  I got some!!


It’s been a long way to come this way but I made it!  I’m proud of myself!


Now I would like to make them advanced and to make it as my expertise! 

This was a result of accumulating my forward-looking small efforts of trying to find a better way and connecting them to corporate strategy.


Yes, “living the moment” is the platform of opening up a new destiny!


I am very glad that I was able to report to all of you that I made some accomplishment in the new field at the end of 2015. I am sure that I will be able to have more time to “think.”


What about finding a job outside?

Maybe some time away.

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