Incredible Chain Reaction

It’s been about a year since I wrote an article last time!


Sorry that I was not able to update the page for so long.


As I declared at the beginning of 2016, I was able to deliver a big new output in 3Q 2016 after a long period of “Winter.”: I made an innovational change with my team in one important area of business including our group companies.


I have been also preparing for another challenge for 2017 since late last year but the result hasn’t been materialized due to the big size of the company that I belong.


One time, I felt like I was pushed over to an edge of a cliff, but if I gave up holding on to the cliff, I was dead!

“There must be something that I can do even now”

“How do I make a great turnaround under such circumstance?”

“Don’t lose your vitality!” 

I kept telling myself to create alternatives and options.

Once I became even slightly forward-looking, I was able to notice that I had been neglecting some important things and even I had a trump card.


After carefully checking the timing, I used the card.

“Now, I simply follow-up on whatever I have to do”

I became forward-looking again.

Well, it’s too bad that life is not that easy. Of course I faced another dead-end. I enjoyed the roller-coaster ride for a few days and, again almost lost energy.

All of a sudden, a friend of mine from the equestrian club that I belong sent me a message which says,

“C’mon, Hiromi.  Challenge yourself to become a great rider! Get the 3rd class equestrian certificate in late January.”

I was about to say to her, “C’mon, I am tied up with an important work assignment! No time to spend for equestrian lessons.”

I started to talk to myself,

“Hiromi, wait a second. This might be an advice from the Heaven. Doesn’t matter what it is. You need to break-through any types of difficulties at the same time.”

Fear is often worse than the danger itself!


I took more than double of equestrian lessons than usual, confirming my skills are not quite there yet but encouraging myself, “OK, Hiromi, some more lessons towards the end of the year”, “Some more until you actually apply for the test”

Then, this high-spirit influenced my mind for the assignment: I was able to find another chance.

This is an incredible chain reaction!

I renew my homepage now!


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